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AORN Facility Solutions

Improve Perioperative Efficiencies and Outcomes

Improve your patient outcomes, keep costs down, and ensure your facility or health system is survey-ready. AORN’s evidence-based perioperative solutions encompass the resources and support that your facility - and entire system - can leverage to drive patient safety and improve team performance.

Enlist the AORN Facility Solutions team to help:

  • Standardize your education
  • Enhance your teams’ professional development
  • Implement AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice

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Learn best practices in patient care and workplace safety with AORN’s extensive library of perioperative online education based on the AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.

For more information, review our perioperative online education solutions.

Periop 101 Badge

Periop 101: A Core Curriculum

Periop 101 is specifically designed to educate perioperative novice nurses and is based on AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice.

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Perioperative nurses preparing a surgical instrument table

Periop 202

Periop 202™ is essential interactive education for perioperative professionals learning specialty surgical procedures.

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Team of doctors and nurses working in surgery.

Periop Mastery 2.0

Periop Mastery 2.0 is an effective onboarding tool for newly hired experienced nurses and travelers. It also standardizes expertise among your team.

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Clinical Resources

Using evidence-based clinical resources will help standardize your facility or health system for safer surgery - and improved patient outcomes.

Perioperative nurses in an operating room

Guidelines for Perioperative Practice

AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice provide evidence-based recommendations to deliver safe periop patient care and achieve workplace safety.

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Perioperative nurse reviewing a computer monitor in the operating room

AORN Syntegrity®

AORN Syntegrity is a perioperative documentation solution that will help improve your perioperative scheduling and documentation processes.

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Ambulatory Surgery Division

If you’re an ASC administrator, you’re responsible for controlling costs, streamlining your processes, and providing your staff the education they need to stay current and effective.

AORN has ASC-specific resources aimed at helping perioperative teams in ambulatory settings meet their goals for performance excellence.

Nurses reviewing a book with a nurse educator

Group Memberships for Facilities and Health Systems

AORN Group Memberships give your team access to valuable clinical resources, continuing education, and a close-knit perioperative nursing community.

Awards and Recognition

AORN believes in recognizing a perioperative job well-done. Learn more about the Center of Excellence in Surgical Safety recognition and the AORN Go Clear Award.

Career Center

AORN Career Center will help you reach thousands of qualified perioperative nurses. Get the tips and tools you need to recruit and hire the best. Sign up today.