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CineMed AORN Online Perioperative Education

Realistic. Attainable. Measurable.

  • Deliver consistent evidence-based perioperative training.
  • Reduce errors.
  • Improve patient safety.

Special package pricing for hospital networks.

According to studies published by the NIH, a root cause of medical errors results from deficiencies in education, training, orientation, and experience. Supplementing your hospital network’s perioperative nurse education curriculum by using the CineMed AORN online perioperative education modules can improve patient safety and reduce errors.

How Does the CineMed AORN Online Perioperative Education Subscription Work?

The program includes 43 modules focused on perioperative patient and staff safety; each module includes a video, study guide, and post-test.

Subscriptions are available for single hospitals; however, we encourage hospital networks to purchase an enterprise subscription package to maintain a consistent education platform for all perioperative staff.

Who Benefits From This Program?

  • Registered nurses (RNs) currently enrolled in Periop 101
  • New and experienced RNs transferring to the perioperative suite from other nursing specialties
  • Sterile processing team members
  • Non-RN perioperative team members (e.g., surgical technologists, surgical assistants/aides)
  • Other RNs involved in operative/invasive procedures in non-traditional OR settings (e.g., Endoscopy, OB, Cath Lab, Radiology)
  • Nursing students at schools of nursing

How do I purchase?

Please contact us at [email protected]. An Account Executive will contact you to discuss options to meet your needs.

Video Title Length (Min)
Ambulatory Surgery Infection Prevention and Control (2019) 28
Autologous Tissue Management (2022) 15
Care of the Pediatric Patient in Surgery: Neonatal Through Adolescence (2013)
Cesarean Birth: Perioperative Care (2016)  51
Complementary Care in Perioperative Practice (2015) 34
Environmental Cleaning (2022) 32
Energy-Generating Devices: Safety Precautions (includes electrosurgery) (2018) 26
Hand Hygiene, Scrubbing, Gowning, and Gloving (2018) 31
Hybrid OR Suites (2014)
It’s More Than a Procedure: Patient Concerns about the Surgical Experience (2020) 21
Management of Surgical Specimens (2015)  51
Malignant Hyperthermia Crisis: Team in Action (2016)  48 
Minimally Invasive Surgery: Creating a Safe Patient Care Environment (2018) 24
Moderate Sedation/Analgesia: Safely Caring for Our Patients (2017)  32
Pathophysiology and Risks of Pneumatic Tourniquet Use (2013)
Perioperative Care of Bariatric Patients (2017) 26 
Perioperative Care of the Older Adult: Advanced Directives and Patient Priorities (2021) 18
Perioperative Care of the Older Adult: Addressing Patient Conditions and Intraoperative Concerns (2021) 21
Perioperative Environment of Care (2014)
Perioperative Fire Safety (2014)
Perioperative Medication Safety (2019) 26
Perioperative Patient Assessment: Developing a Care Plan (2017)  43
Perioperative Patient Information Management (2019) 19
Preoperative Skin Antisepsis (2015)  37
Perioperative Team Dynamics and Communication (2017)  31
Positioning the Patient: Safe Practices (2018) 25
Powered Surgical Instruments: Components of Safe Care and Handling (2013)
Prevention of Unplanned Perioperative Hypothermia (2017) 24 
Prevention of Retained Surgical Items: Patients Are Counting on You (2016)  42 
Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism (2018) 27
Processing Flexible Endoscopes (2017) 28 
Psychosocial Safety in Perioperative Practice (2016)  24 
Radiation Safety in Perioperative Practice (2014)
Risk Management in Perioperative Practice (2015)  50
Safe Patient Handling and Movement (2019) 24
Sharps Safety (2021) 17
Sterile Technique: An Introduction (2019) 25 
Sterilization of Reusable Medical Devices in the Health Care Setting (2019) 47
Stop Smoking in the OR! Surgical Smoke Safety (2018) 18
Surgical Draping: Evidence-Based Practices (2019) 17
Surgical Instrumentation: Use, Care, and Handling (2013)
Transmission-Based Precautions (2020) 41
Workplace Safety in a Perioperative Setting (2015) 47
Wound Care and Healing in Perioperative Practice (2015) 40