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Enhancing Business Acumen for Emerging Perioperative Leaders

AORN Center for Nursing Leadership presents a series of three virtual live courses focusing on high-level business concepts and skills needed for perioperative leaders new to their role or those considering a management position.

Gain confidence while exploring the areas of staffing plans and productivity, perioperative budgeting, and the cost and quality of patient care. After each one-hour, interactive, virtual live education session, attendees will participate in a half-hour live Q&A with the speaker.

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Understanding Perioperative Staffing Plans & Productivity

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Learn how to articulate the components of a staffing plan and why productivity is so important to the financial success of your facility. You’ll learn why staffing is the largest expense for an organization and the role of a perioperative leader in managing it.

Key Concepts of Perioperative Budgeting

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Unpack the differences between capital and operational budgets, what information is needed to create both and how skill mix in the perioperative setting impacts budgets. Then learn which questions to ask to obtain approval for equipment and supply purchases.

Connecting the Cost and Quality of Patient Care

Nurses Caring for Patient 

Understand how the business of healthcare is connected to the delivery of quality, cost-effective patient care. You’ll see how the role and work of the perioperative leader directly impacts and touches patients every day.


Pam Hunt

Pamela Hunt, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN
Pam is nationally known as a nurse executive, author, financial, quality, safety and strategic expert, and community leader. She has delivered over 500 nursing and healthcare leadership presentations and published on subjects regarding workforce development, strategic planning, connecting to the purpose of our profession and most notably healthcare finance. Her pioneering work in improving the financial acumen of nursing has enabled thousands of nurse leaders to develop and defend successful proposals and ROI to ensure quality patient care.



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