How many hospitals are currently using AORN Syntegrity?

There are over 800 hospitals using AORN Syntegrity.

Can AORN Syntegrity be implemented within my existing EHR?

Yes, the AORN Syntegrity content can be built within most Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

Can I use my own procedure names?

Yes, you can use your own procedure names, use the AORN Syntegrity standardized procedure names, or use a combination.

Can I request that a new procedure be added to the list?

Yes, we welcome procedure suggestions and have a user-friendly process for customer feedback.

How often is the procedure list updated?

The procedure list is updated a minimum of twice per year.

Can AORN Syntegrity content be modified?

Yes, it can be modified according to your EHR functionality and facility needs.

Does the PNDS code have to be displayed on the EHR screen?

No, displaying the code is not required. What is displayed on your screen is flexible based on your EHR functionality. It is possible to only display the intervention or outcome name.

How is the documentation created?

Our team of perioperative informatics specialists regularly review AORN’s Guidelines for Perioperative Practice as well as other practice, regulatory, and accreditation standards. This information is then used to build evidence-based documentation specific to perioperative needs.

What is the implementation process for AORN Syntegrity?

Learn about our implementation process by downloading our implementation checklist.

How do I access PNDS training?

Both AORN members and non-members have access to The Introduction to the PNDS online course on the AORN website.

What type of technical support is available?

The AORN Syntegrity team, along with your EHR implementation specialist, are available to assist you and your team.

How can I learn about AORN Syntegrity pricing?

For more information on pricing, please contact an AORN Syntegrity Sales Consultant at [email protected] or 800-755-2676 x 223.


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